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Plenteous Redemption Ministry Update | August 2021

Plenteous Redemption Ministry Update | August 2021


Plenteous Redemption Podcast

Welcome back to the Plenteous Redemption Podcast; I am excited to bring you another ministry update. August flew by faster than any month I can recall. It seems to us that we blinked, and it was nearly over. It has had its up’s and down’s - many of which I hope to discuss briefly here with you.

I start this debrief with news we discovered toward the end of the month. Kristin came to me with tears of joy in her eyes, as the second pregnancy test revealed a very strong positive indication. Our first experience with Bethany was and has been an absolute joy. She has such a fun and intelligent personality. Kristin has been an excellent example of the sacrifice required of mothers to raise a healthy, happy, and disciplined child. Kristin found a midwife currently in Uganda from the UK. She has twenty-plus years of experience, and she can facilitate a home birth legally in Uganda. We are hoping to meet with the midwife in Kampala in the next week or so; Lord willing, we can begin the process of preparation for the birth of our second child. 

Many of you may have heard me remark how open and receptive Ugandan’s are to the gospel. The aspect of their culture that makes preaching the gospel such a delight in Uganda is that despite their beliefs, they believe the Bible is God’s word. As such, reasoning from the scriptures is meaningful. A knowledgeable evangelist can help most Ugandan’s walk through the gospel logically, from the word of God. Suppose the lost Ugandan offers an unbiblical rebuttal, but the evangelist can demonstrate it to be so in scripture. In that case, the Ugandan is highly likely to agree with the Bible over their own opinions. This reality greatly transforms the nature of witnessing in Uganda!

Friday, August 27th - we will establish public ministry here in Masaka. We had plans for this to start back in June on the tails of a wonderful Tri-Annual Bible Institute on witnessing and discipleship. Also, in June of 2021, we had plans to hold a Bible Conference that further detailed the idea of public ministry. All of which was placed on hold as Uganda went back into lockdown due to a phobia-type fear of Covid-19. During the lockdown and in the aftermath of the original lockdown, churches have not been allowed to meet. We opted not to go forward with public ministry until the overwhelming fear unnecessarily forced upon the people had subsided. 

In August, the Plenteous Redemption Podcast passed the ten-thousand download mark, with sixty-eight episodes uploaded. I am very thankful to those of you who listen to my ramblings and engage me in conversation. My hope is that they encourage Christians to think deeply about the troubles we face and that our strict adherence to the word of God is always the solution.

To wrap up, I am excited to bring you another segment on cultural appropriation. I decided to bring this one late into the month. I was sitting in a restaurant with a few Ugandan brethren when amazed by a news program. The headline - Ugandan Men Complain Of Being Beaten By Their Wives. I struggled to believe what I was seeing; they interviewed men who admitted that their wives were beating them on television. Now, Kristin is far from aggressive or violent, but I would hide if she were beating me and I saw the news coming. There is no chance in this world I would let the news publicize that my wife was beating me. Then, they showed videos of the beatings. It resembled more of a bully beating up a weakling than that of spouse abuse. It was one of the silliest things I have ever seen. Now, the women, for their part, claim the men are drunkards and that they are tired of them wasting their time and money on alcohol. Further proving that alcohol is no good thing, anywhere it is introduced, it tears families apart. 

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