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The Book Of Haggai | Haggai 1:12-15 - The Remnant Of The People

The Book Of Haggai | Haggai 1:12-15 - The Remnant Of The People


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Twice in our passage, the Lord refers to a remnant of the people. This idea of a remnant holds great importance in the word of God. It is a term that needs to be understood and also must be rightly divided. Its application can be seen when referring to both the nation of Israel and the body of Christ. While they infer similar ideas, that the reality is only a small number of people will enter the body of Christ and only a small number of Jews will remain faithful to the Lord, one must be clear when using the term. 

Tracing this idea through the word of God is interesting, instructive, and to some extent discouraging. It highlights the fact the mercy of God is rarely received. In terms of the body of Christ, it informs us that Christ died for the sins of the world, but few will be saved. God did not intend things to be this way; the Lord commandeth that all men everywhere repent, but man is not keen on receiving commandments from God. Man’s attitude of rebellion is further exacerbated by failure on behalf of the Jewish remnant and the remnant that belongs in the body of Christ. The Lord said - they have not the knowledge of God  I speak this to your shame. An unwillingness to repent is one factor; having never heard of their need to repent because those with the message fail to deliver it is quite another factor. 

While God’s remnants are defined by their willingness to cleave to him and cling to his word, somehow, there exists a perpetual failure to take that word to the nations. It is wonderful to be counted among this identity, but it is heartbreaking to also be among the slothful who refuse to labor in the fields white unto harvest. We have failed, but that does not prevent us from being his workmanship; he is faithful. And yet, despite the failure of this remnant, we, as a whole, are given individual responsibility. As such, we can rise above and be separated from the idle attitudes of the remnant. With this in mind, it is both a blessing and troublesome to be part of God’s remnant. While it details the fact of failure by those who trust God, it also describes the fact the Lord will not leave us comfortless. He will, in the end, accomplish his own will despite our inability or unwillingness to obey his word. 

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